shanghai caftes and teahouse

Shanghai is less celebrated shanghai escort    for its own cuisine, than as a place where all the great cuisines of China meet and merge into one another, creating a kaleidoscopic garden of delights for the gourmet diner. Influenced by Beijing, Yangzhou, Guangdong and Sichuan cuisines, along with foods from Suzhou, Wuxi, Ningbo and Hangzhou, Shanghai is the ''melting pot'' of Chinese cooking, with a hybrid cuisine that emphasizes fresh flavors and striking contrasts. For this reason, some say Shanghai was doing 'fusion' food long before the term became a popular way to describe innovative cuisine. 

Shanghai does have its unique local cuisine, though, called Ben Bang (which literally means massage shanghai      'local'). Ben Bang is notable for its great use of fresh fish, and its strong flavor, influenced by liberal use of soy sauce. Great examples include Xiang You Shan Hu (mud eel) and Ba Bao La Jiang (Eight Auspicious Pepper Sauce). The emphasis on seafood reflects Shanghai's position on the East China Sea-fishermen set sail in the morning, and by lunchtime, you can enjoy the catch of the day retrieved from local markets. Once autumn arrives, the Shanghainese show their particular fondness for crab. Yangcheng Lake Hairy Crabs are known for their green shells and white bottoms. Crack open a steamed crab yourself to appreciate why they're considered one of the meatiest, tastiest crabs in the world.

Shanghainese will tell you that Shanghai cuisine is special because Shanghai's chefs massage in shanghai   prepare everything with flair; other Chinese might argue that they tend to overcook food and insult the ''kitchen gods.'' Decide for yourself as you explore this cuisine that is at once delicate, yet assertive in seasonings, and reflects Shanghai's position as great seaport and entryway into China's hinterland. And after your fine dining experience, you can enjoy the bars and clubs that make Shanghai one of the best places to party the night away.

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shopping in shanghai

Shanghai, the shanghai escort     Paris of the Orient, is a shopper's paradise for everyone from shopaholics to casual bargain-hunters. In the world of fashion, Shanghai is best known for Shanghai Fashion Week, The Shanghai International Costume Cultural Festival, and The China International Wedding Attire Exhibition, but you don't have to be a fashionista to enjoy window-shopping in Shanghai's numerous malls shopping streets.

Shopping areas in Shanghai are sometimes referred to as the ''Four Streets and Four Cities''. One of the major streets is Nanjing Road (East Nanjing Road & West Nanjing Road), said to be the No.1 commercial street in China. All types of shops, both ancient and modern, are clustered around the road, and it's lost none of its appeal over the years to Shanghai's shoppers. Those looking for elegance and flair will want to check out Huaihai Road, where you can get massage shanghai   top fashion designs from all around the world; those on a budget, on the other hand, may want to check out North Sichuan Road where you'll find inexpensive clothes. They may not be name-brands, but add a few striking accessories and you'll still be dressed to kill for an evening on the town!

Yuyuan Shopping City, Xujiahui Shopping City, New Shanghai Shopping City and Jiali Sleepless City are the buzzing "Four Cities" of Shanghai. If you're in search of Chinese goods such as curios, antiques, jadeware, silver, gold or other craftwork, it is best to start at Yuyuan Shopping City. It's also the best place to get the textiles and embroidery, the silk, and the Jiading yellow-grass weaving for which Shanghai is noted. Xujiahui, a recently opened shopping and entertainment plaza, is built on a grand scale, but if you're determined you can find some really good deals. Older shopping centers like New Shanghai Shopping City are one-stop malls that cater to all your basic shopping needs.

Beyond the Four massage in shanghai   Streets and Four Citiess, Shanghai has numerous other places for you to part with your RMB. Dimei Shopping Center and Fuyou Street Merchandise Mart are good choices for knick-knacks and inexpensive clothing; there the rule of thumb is ''bargain, and bargain hard!'' Parkson Shopping Center is also popular with the locals for its discounts-on ordinary days you can find brand names like Esprit, U2, and G2000 here at regular prices, but on sale days, you can enjoy up to a 50% discount.

For shoes North Shaanxi Road is the place to go: You can find many styles, prices, and, more importantly, sizes. And women looking to look and shanghai massage     feel truly 'Chinese' will want to add a Qipao to their wardrobe. Chinese sizes tend to be extremely petite, but no need to to starve yourself if you're curvier: just go to Maoming Road, Nanchang Road, or Huahai Road where tailors are ready to sew a Qipao to fit any proportions. Men, for their part, can have traditional Tang suits made, as well as modern suits of any cut.  

Beyond clothes, Shanghai is also famed for mnay other local products, such as Ligao candy, Shanghai juicy peach, Chongning hairy crabs, and Shanghai Pudong chicken. Be sure to sample them to say you've had a truly 'Shanghai' experience!



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shanghai Attraction

Known as the Pearl  shanghai massage   of the Orient, China's eastern metropolis of Shanghai is steeped in fascinating history. It welcomes a flood of visitors to its streets at all times of the year. It is a very interesting blend of what happens to a city when the east meets the west on a large scale. A stroll though its streets reveals ancient buildings, fascinating parks, temples and museums. Then there are the skyscrapers of ''New''Shanghai, springing up almost daily as the city looks to cement a status as the new financial capital of Asia.

Duolun Road Culture Street, and the Old Streets of Shanghai are the places to go to immerse in the historical and cultural aspects of the city. Visitors can wander ancient and long-ago renamed alleys like Miaoqian Street, Fangbang Middle Road, and Guanyin St. Then visitors can take a tour of the Nongtang residential areas, with their Shikumen (Stone Gate), the French Quarter, Yuyuan Garden, Chenghua Temple, Cite Bourgogne and Xin Tian Di. Visitors whose cultural beijing escort    appetites are not yet sated can head for the Zhujiajiao Ancient Town. Lying 45kms outside of the city, the ''Venice of Shanghai'' provides a fascinating adventure.

On the modern side of Shanghai are skyscrapers like the Jinmao Tower and the Oriental Pearl Radio and Television Tower. Both offer a great panoramic view of the city, and can also be admired from the Bund. This centuries-old waterfront is on the western bank of the Huangpu River.

The Jade Buddha Temple has two beautiful white Jade Buddha statues that were sculpted from a single piece of jade. The Wen Miao temple was originally constructed during the Yuan Dynasty, and today it is the venue  beijing massage   of the Sunday's Book Fair. The Sheshan Cathedral and the Shanghai Community Church reminds visitors of the days that Christianity flourished in the city.

The Shanghai Museum is a treasure trove of over 120,000 ancient artifacts from primitive times through to the dynasties, while the Shanghai History Museum has another 240,000 relics to be marveled at.  men massage beijng  The Shanghai Art Museum displays notable traditional and contemporary works of art, while music enthusiasts cannot miss the Museum of Oriental Musical Instruments.

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